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The Sport Diving is The set of individual or group competitive events, which need of a technical, tactical and specific psycho-physical conditions, based on scuba diving abilities, skills and equipment, develop in swimming pool, regulated and institutionalized within by the Underwater Activities.International Regulations currently includes five events. The regulation contemplates three individual events and two of team.

The individual events are Event M 300 metres, Night Diving and Emersion 6Kg. In the individual events the diver has to put into practice different dexterities like: to be thrown to the water in step of giant or turned, to swim so much in surface as immersion, free escape, to come off of the diving suit, to emerge weights, to look for objects lost in the darkness... it should also regulate the speed, the power and in some occasions to find the balance between the energy expense and the consumption of air.

The 2 Team Events are denominated: Course Obstacles (2 athletes) and the event Briefing (4 athletes). In team events the relating of the couple is important and strengthens the cooperation and the group concept. To share the second regulator, to rescue the out diver, or to communicate inside the water to carry out a common task is some of the dexterities that the Sport Diving in strengthens and it develops.