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The British Navy invented underwater hockey in the 1950's to keep their divers fit and to improve their ability to move and work efficiently under water. The game came to Australia shortly after and has evolved into a fast, dynamic sport, played in more than 20 countries. Underwater hockey is played in a 25m x 15m pool that is between 2 - 4 m deep.

The game consists of 15 minutes halves and a three minutes half time. Each team is allowed one 60 seconds time out per half. The game clock stops for any infringements in the lasr 2 minutes of the game. Each side has 12 players, 10 of who can play in any one game. During the game 6 players are in the pool with 4 interchange players on the side who can sub at any time. The players wear large fins, a diving mask and snorkel and a thick glove made from latex to protect the hand from the pool bottom and the puck. The top players can flick the puck well over 3m and it comes off the bottom enough to go over another player.

Underwater Hockey is a great sport for all ages, shapes and sizes. Quite a few of us have been playing for well over 10 years. It is a sport that does not cause the injuries from running, stopping suddenly or being run into! Mets face it, you can't fall down. It is a sport that continues to grow and which keeps it players interested. Each game is different, each player must overcome their opponent, moving in water, controlling the ouck and the innate need to breathe. Teamwork and anticipation is essential and al ot of communication goes before and after the games.