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Tracking the diving development, it will be detected, that the improvement of the diving technology proceeded parallel. Pioneers like Hans Hass and Jacques-Yves Cousteau did not only develop the world under water optically, but processed the technical progress to the well-being of a sport, which soon spread rapidly all over the world.

If the results over the many years of the top-underwater-photographers are observed, so it is to be detected, that the artistic attitude, represented in the category creative, lost ground to the demonstration of life and of the biological documentation. It is better like this, because the underwater-photography got generally classified, also from insiders in diving, as damaging to environmental protection. So collecting, killing and rearranging of flora and fauna soon were proscribed and forbidden and persecuted by the CMAS.

For the younger generation of photographers the technique of the special tarred diving was included into the instructions, the oldies have been persuaded by the reconfiguration of the categories and rules, if they wanted to participate on the competitions. The CMAS developed strict rules to guarantee the security and environmentally responsible behaviour. The categories close up, wide angle and fish were even either specialised with sub-categories 'Close-up with theme' or by the arrangement with a diver 'wide-angle with diver' made more interesting for the publicity.